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A Note from the Executive Director

A Note from the Executive Director:

At Catholic Charities, we are the first responders for our neighbors in crisis. We work hard to provide the right solutions and support for people in all walks of life.

Whether it’s in the form of a lost job, a sick child or family member that brings unexpected medical bills, car issues that must be fixed in order to get to work, or any of the other million crisis’ that can interrupt life as we know it, Catholic Charities is here to assist with food, clothing and a number of other services that help lift families and individuals out of poverty.

No matter what their age, no matter their race, and no matter what their faith – we will continue to be here and we will continue to work to give a voice to those who are not able to advocate for themselves.

Our work at Catholic Charities is never ending. The average family of 4 seeking assistance makes less than $22,000 annually; they live from paycheck to paycheck and 45% of those we serve are families with children at home.

But because of our supporters, relationships in the community and our gracious partners, we were able to serve over 140,000 clients in crisis last year.

I feel beyond blessed and fortunate to be able to live my faith and see it in action through the work done at Catholic Charities. I personally invite you to learn more and join us in our mission to serve, advocate for and empower those in need – making families stronger, futures brighter and dreams within reach.

May God bless you,

Kelly Lilles  


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