Donor Stories

Serving God’s People

Catholic Charities is blessed to have the support of donors throughout the Diocese whose commitment to charity runs deep. For donors and volunteers like Juanita Pedrozo, giving to Catholic Charities means many things, including a closer relationship with God and her community.

Called Upon to Improve Lives

For Matt and Susan Byers, Catholic Charities holds a special place in their hearts and for Susan personally, it’s a piece of a family’s legacy. Susan watched her parents, Richard and Karen Spencer, contribute their time and resources to Catholic Charities when she was young; she worked with her grandmother at the Catholic Charities Food […]

Donor Stories

Mike and Joan Conway

Every client, volunteer and donor has a story when they walk through the doors of Catholic Charities. Though all different, they all have one thing in common – a core belief in the importance of helping those in need and the effect it has on one’s life. It’s those core beliefs that bring people together […]