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Our hearts are heavy as we reflect on the wrong done to our community and the horrific events that took place as a result of one angry individual. On behalf of myself, the Board of Directors and staff, we give thanks to the many who have reached out including community based organizations, donors and partners within the community, as well as the first responders in the line of duty every day who are devoted to protecting our community from such darkness. Your prayers, texts and emails mean the world to us.

It’s important for the community to know that we will not let this darkness overshadow the light. Where there is light, there is hope. And that’s what we do here at Catholic Charities – we provide hope to those most vulnerable.

As the first responders in helping our neighbors with food, clothing and other basic necessities, Catholic Charities is and always will be a safe harbor to those in need. Our team has come together with prayers for the victims and their families, for our clients and for each other and this morning we opened our doors to our clients seeking assistance. Nothing will stop us from being a light for our community and we will continue be here even in times of great sadness.

Peace and Blessings,
Kelly Lilles, Executive Director Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fresno



Catholic Charities is a Community Benefit Organization serving the needs of those in crisis. We are the first responders in helping our neighbors with food, clothing, and other basic necessities.

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Catholic Charities works continuously to provide assistance to those in need. We rely upon the generosity of our Merced community to help those individuals in crisis.

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Catholic Charities provides food to the hungry, and hope for the weary. In addition, we are able to assist individuals who need help managing their monthly expenses.

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